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Grace Hazel lives in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, on the sleepy island of Kaua'i. She sleeps in a green house on an avocado farm with her family, where the night is black, stars scream at you, and the chickens and rain on the tin roof play the daily chorus. She spends her days gardening, swimming at the sea and creating art, usually in form of analogue photography. She creates both black and white and color images, sometimes experimenting with her film by soaking it. She processes her film in her kitchen sink. She does not like to Photoshop her images nor do much editing. She'd rather be hanging her laundry, picking fruit, or cooking with mama.

The worlds within the imagery provoke dreamlike states and one can get lost in the realms that are invented. She mostly uses herself as a model out of convenience but also because it feeds her need to allow the camera to do it's magic. She believes that once the moment captured is left to the dance of chance, the image becomes more authentic, a candid capture without pose. 

Grace has a BA in Art from the University of California Santa Cruz, where she studied both photography and printmaking. She enjoys making anything that is tangible and requires process, such as cyanotypes, van dykes, albumens, lumens, solar prints, and shell hunting. 

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