Māmalu Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Matcha Green


Hand made on are amazing island of Kauai. Natural sunscreen to protect our ocean & skin! All Natural ingredients that just melt into your skin, great for face or body use for a fun day in the sun.  

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea-

Matcha Powder- Brightens complexion, fights acne/oily skin, protects against free radicals, prevents wrinkles/age spots

Benefits of Māmalu sunscreen-

Coconut Oil- SPF 6-8, softens skin, treats acne, psoriasis and eczema 

Macadamia Nut Oil- SPF 6, smoothes wrinkles, helps cells regenerate, calms redness/itchiness, full of Vitamin A

Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 40-50, repairs/prevents sun damage/wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, calms irritated skin

Carrot Seed Oil- SPF 40, fights cancer, kills bacteria, moisturizes, full of antioxidants

Almond Oil- SPF 5, prevents acne, treats rashes, moisturizes skin, relieves muscle aches

Zinc Oxide- SPF 25-30, protection from skin cancer, treats acne/inflammation, heals wounds/rashes

Beeswax- locks in moisture, antibacterial, soothes itchy skin, exfoliates

Shea Butter- SPF 6, treats acne, moisturizes, reduces skin inflammation/itchiness/stretch marks/wrinkles

Mango Butter- soothes sunburns and itchy skin, heals scars, treats eczema/psoriasis, fights acne, reduces wrinkles

Cacao Butter- fights signs of aging, heals/smoothes skin, soothes burns, fights infections, calls rashes

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