5 Essential Beach Day Items

5 things you NEED for your summer 2020 beach day:

Summer 2020 is here and although we didn’t think she would be coming at first. Don’t worry, its not too late to get your summer beach day essentials. These are our favorite products we wouldn’t dare to leave behind!

Sora Towel ($68)

This is no ordinary towel. First of all, it is made from recyclable materials so that is amazing. About 8 plastic bottles go into each towel! It also is gigantic, fast drying, and it repels sand. This towel was made for the beach. It absorbs water crazy fast so you can pat down after your dip and throw it on the sand without a worry! 

Leahlani Cocoinfusion Hair and Body Moisturizer ($30)

Nothing better or worse than beach hair. Yeah it looks good for like an hour, but then it feels like all the moisture has been sucked out and don’t even mention the brushing and tangles! This natural oil is perfect for an after swim lather. Take your wet hair or skin and apply a quarter size amount and watch how much nicer your beach hair and body becomes. No more salty excess or crunch texture!

Salt and Sea Straw Visor ($24)

Our top selling hat is perfect for any beach day. Protect your nose and face from sun when you forget to add that extra SPF to your face! Keep your hair up or down and can fit any size with the adjustable Velcro strap! It is comfortable, light weight, and won’t go blowing away. It also comes with an elastic band so you can wrap the hat up when you’re not wearing it and tuck it right into your bag.

Little Mystics Sun Protectant Oil ($48)

Talk about a sunscreen game changer! This is so much more than an ordinary sunscreen. Most people don’t wear any because of grease and then unfortunate white streaks you get all over your body for the rest of the day. This oil is mixed with zinc so it really does work! It protects you from the sun while keeping you properly moisturized and helps you avoid those after beach breakouts from regular drugstore sunscreen!


Cario Tote ($178) 

Now, how are you doing to carry all your stuff to the beach? With this adorable beach bag! It can hold your snacks, speakers, sunscreen, towels, hats, and so much more! You’ll never forget anything in the car with this giant bag. The lined interior makes it easy to get the sand out and keep everything inside dry.