Accessories for Every Occasion

Accessories may be underrated, but necessary for any outfit. Whether you are kicking it by the pool, headed to the beach, or going out for a night on the town, we have got you covered. Check out some of our favorites and how we pair them.

Date night: Kawena Gold Spine Earring ($208), Tullum Tote ($138), with Astoria Boots ($90)

Datenight is always something hard to get dressed up for! You want to look nice, but not too nice. We picked a couple of our statement pieces to give you guys some inspiration on how to get dressed up now that quarantine is OVER (thank goodness)! So if you’re going with a classic black jeans look with a tank top, try wearing our dangly earrings that frame your face. We also paired it with this practical cute tote bag to keep it a little casual. Finish your look with our slightly heeled booty to keep your casual look from being too casual! This mix of accessories is the perfect balance between date night casual and daytime casual! You could also pair these accessories with a maxi or midi dress to give it a more formal appearance!


Girls night: Kawena Extra Long Purple Hombre Earrings ($178)Mexican Clutch ($161), with Strutting Wedges ($135)

A night out with the girls seems like something from a dream! But we are back and we want you ready for your night on the town. When going out for a girls night there is only one way to dress, your BEST! Whether you decide on a bodycon LBB or your jeans and crop top, we have got your accessories. Again, we chose a dangle earring to show off your face. We also decided on some Tahitian peal bracelets that go with the earrings. And for the grand finale, we got our strutting wedges that are not only comfortable, but look adorable with anything. 

Brunch: Lua Mini Tote ($168), Grande Flat Hoops ($42), with Pebble Leather Flats ($36)

Sunday’s best for brunch is always expected. Whether is a sundress, a cute patterned jumpsuit, or a matching set, we have picked out accessories that will go with ANY daytime outfit. We are loving the bag because bamboo handles and tweed bags are totally in and the shape and size of this one is too good to pass up on. We are paring the outfit and bag with a tortoise shell flat hoop earring, because who doesn’t love a big pair of hoops? We are finishing off the look with our sandals to give you guys the ultimate day time look.

Beach day: Cairo Tote ($178), Salt and Sea Straw Visor ($24), with Stunner Slides ($75)

Now if you’re like us and celebrating the end of a long time inside, you’re going to need to hit the beach in style! We got you covered with this functional bag, it’s big enough to hold everything, but not too big that you cannot carry it around! Throw all your stuff inside and meet whoever, whenever. We are also including a little adjustable straw visor into the mix to keep your face protected but in the cutest way possible. We are finishing off this look with stunner slides because who likes something in between their toes when their feet are all sandy?